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With over 30 years combined experience as electricians, the benefits of using our electrical service goes beyond our 5 promises and 5 guarantees to you. You can rely on sound value for your money by using Five or Free Electrical Solutions. See for yourself below.

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Panels Generators
Breakers Attic Fans & Whole House Fans
Lighting Data Cable Wiring
Devices Surge Protection
Circuitry Security Cameras
Troubleshooting Car Charging Station


  • Main Breaker Box or Electrical Service PanelThis is that large metal box outside your house attached to the PG&E meter monitoring your household power usage.This is the beginning point of your electrical system. Your service panel receives power from PG& E directly, and then distributes that power to the many areas of your home.To keep you, your family and your home safe, every panel has circuit breakers or fuses installed to them. These are meant to shut off power automatically to your home in the event of a hazardous electrical problem.That’s why it’s always important to ensure that your service panel is in good working condition.
  • Sub PanelThis box is similar to your service panel, but instead of receiving power straight from PG&E it gets it’s power from your service panel. This equipment is installed for one extra reason than your service panel, and that is simply for convenience.Convenience for you because in the event of an outage your sub panel allows you to quickly turn on your power from inside your house rather than having to go outside. It’s also convenient for us as electricians because it gives us greater ability to safely supply all the power needs in your home.Your service panel and your sub panel are what give you the electricity to enjoy today’s modern high tech lifestyle.That’s why inspecting, maintaining, repairing, or replacing panels is such a large part of the electrical trade. And we have the expertise and guarantees to help you with any of your panel work at no risk to you.


Stop! Wow you almost had an accident! How important are breaks on a vehicle to prevent an accident from happening?

Electrical breakers in the same way are the protection installed on your panel to instantly shut off the electricity flow to your home to prevent potential DEATH or injury by electrical fire or by electrical shock.

There are 5 ways that breakers monitor the flow of electricity and protect you and your home:

    1. Circuit overload protection – When too much power is being used at once breakers are built to shut off the power to your home.


    1. Circuit overheating protection – When there’s a lot of heat being caused by electricity, it’s not a good sign. Your breakers are built to shut off the power when the heat level reaches a certain point.


    1. Direct short protection – Two wires with electricity traveling through them should NEVER touch! If they do, your breaker is there to kill the power.


    1. Ground fault protection – Electricity traveling on metal that it shouldn’t be traveling is also reason for your breaker to switch off.


  1. Arc fault protection – Did you know that electricity can jump? When it does, it looks like an arc. It may be fascinating to watch, but it’s very dangerous. That’s why your breaker is meant to switch off to protect against jumping electricity that can cause heating and potential electrical fires.

Just like your electrical panels, your breakers should be professionally inspected, maintained, repaired, or replaced to make sure they are serving their purpose to protect you and your home.

And we have the expertise and guarantees to help you with any of your breaker work at no risk to you.

Lighting (Recessed, Landscape, Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers)

“Honey, can you turn the light on?”

“Babe, it’s on.”

“Really? I think it’s time for us to get more lights.”

Since Thomas Edison the light bulb has been a basic necessity for illumination. And lighting is now used for more than just illumination. Whether for decor or for security, lights have become an important part of our modern age.

Whether you need new lights, fan, or chandeliers to brighten your home, or you have existing lights that are in need of professional servicing, you can count on us to help you with your lighting needs.


Devices (Outlets, Timers, Switches, Dimmers, GFCI Outlets, AFCI, Disconnects)

“Why does the plug keep falling out of the outlet?”

“Why is the light dimmer switch not working?”

Electrical devices these days are engineered to make our lives simpler, safer, cheaper, and fun.

You may need the convenience of having a switch in two different areas of the room to turn your lights on and off. Or for energy efficiency, maybe you’re looking for special switches that use less lighting or even shut of lights when they’re not in on.

Or for the safety of your children, you may want tamper resistant outlets that can give you peace of mind.

Whatever the device, we can help you install or repair it at no risk to you.


Why so many electrical wires inside your home? Those wires act as an electrical freeway for your power to travel on.

There are a couple of factors that go into the wiring in your home. All the factors have to do with being able to use your electrical system safely.

Material, thickness, length, quantity, and connection are all important factors to consider about the wiring in your home.

Throughout the years electrical wiring has changed dramatically in homes. One major component to all wiring that is drastically different from the past is the inclusion of a ground. It is important for your electrical system to have a ground system for the safe use of appliances and equipment in your home.

Another difference between past and current electrical systems is the use of aluminum wire over copper wire. In the past, aluminum was the preferred wire but was found to be a fire hazard because of its inability to properly contain the heat electricity produces.

As time passes, more and more older electrical systems begin to show signs of fault. The amount of risk in older homes across the Bay Area of electrical system failure only gets worse with time.

That’s why we always make sure that the wiring installations we provide not only satisfy your particular need but is also up to today’s standard of safety.

How do we get new wire installed in your house?

Our method of wiring is purposely done with the least amount of cutting or sawing into your walls. Instead we your crawl spaces or attic space to get the wires where they need to be so that your walls are touched as little as possible. All while ensuring the highest standard of wiring safety the industry can provide you.


So the electrical system in your house is not working? And you have no idea why or how to get it fixed. It’s driving you crazy because you can’t do anything while it’s off.

We can understand your frustration. With a combined 30 years of electrical experience as a team, we have a keen eye in finding out any issues you having with your electrical system fast so you’re back up and running. There’s no need for you to wait in the dark or use the tools you need. Let us come and help take care of your electrical issue at no risk to you.


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